We provide excellent services with very compatitive pricing. We have monthly maintenance plans, and booster packs

Maintenance Plans

pay-as-you-go and cancel anytime 


£50 / month

Ideal for simple website with fewer updates

Maintain websites s up-to-date

Automatic website backup once a month

24/7 website monitoring

Free SSL certificate

text / images updates once a month

3 day turn-around

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£150 / month

Ideal for business website with frequent updates

Starter Pack +

Automatic website backup once a week

Free web hosting

unlimited text / images changes or updates

Business Security Pack

48 Hour turn-around

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£250 / month

Ideal for website with daily updates and online shop

Business Pack +

Automatic website backup once a day

Free domain name renewal

Premium Security Pack

On-Page Search engine Optimisation

24 Hour turn-around

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Special Offers

a selection of popular products and services on offer


SSL Certificate - £200

Starting in July 2018, Google Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure". To prevent this from happening to your website, we are offering an SSL Package that includes SSL certificate for 1 domain, and we install and configure.

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Hosting Audit  - £250

Website Hosting companies often try to maximise their revenue by automatically including services that you may not necessarily use or need. In some cases, by simply switching provider or service plans, you can make huge savings.

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SEO Optimasation - £300

A substantial percentage of traffic is driven by search engines to websites, and the clearest indicator of the importance of SEO. We analyse and apply best practice SEO recommendations to your website so you can benefit as well.

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Web Hosting- £160 year

We provide first class annual plans for website hosting for small businesses. Our uptime is 99.9% and if you have any issues, you can talk to your dedicated account manager who will be eager to get things sorted very quickly . 

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All-in-one Deal

Web design, hosting & management deals from £99/month

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